About this project

Client: maplesunscreening.co.uk

Comprehensive Design and Presentation Support for Maple Sunscreening

Our collaboration with Maple Sunscreening has spanned multiple areas, with a focus on supporting their business development activities and enhancing their product presentation.

Firstly, we provided assistance in crafting key bid and proposal documents. Our efforts were concentrated on articulating Maple’s value proposition effectively, aligning the documents with their brand voice, and ensuring clarity and coherence in conveying their services and competencies. This support was pivotal in enhancing their professional communication and improving their chances of securing potential contracts.

Simultaneously, we worked closely with Maple to create compelling presentations. Our primary goal was to develop visually engaging content that could succinctly present Maple’s offerings and capabilities. By combining creative design with powerful messaging, we managed to produce presentations that not only captured the attention of the audience but also drove home the desired points.

In addition to the above, we were tasked with updating Maple’s product brochures. Our role included incorporating new product information, refining existing content, and ensuring a consistent and attractive layout. The updated brochures effectively showcased Maple’s products while maintaining the quality and professionalism associated with their brand.

Lastly, we played a key role in designing Maple’s product packaging. Our objective was to create a design that was not only practical but also visually appealing. Our innovative packaging design, reflective of Maple’s brand image, provided an additional layer of user experience, elevating the customer’s first impression of the product.

In conclusion, our extensive support for Maple Sunscreening has resulted in improved business communication and an enhanced visual presentation of their products, ultimately contributing to the overall perception of their brand.