Creative ITC consistently hits targets with a cohesive and captivating brand identity

Creative ITC consistently hits targets with a cohesive and captivating brand identity

The Challenge & Our Approach

As Creative ITC surged forward in its expansion, it aimed for more than just quantity — it sought quality. The firm recognised the potency of enhancing its materials, even when its brand was already leaving significant impressions.

Their immediate need was a polished presentation for an imminent RFP. They believed in the essence of not only offering value but presenting it in a visually compelling manner.

The Outcome

The RFP presentation was a success, and more than that, Creative ITC found in DDA a reliable, skilled, and amicable partner. Recognising our prowess, they delved deeper into how we could bolster their brand’s identity. Our synergy has since flourished. Creative ITC appreciates the ongoing journey of refining brand assets and the dividends it pays.

Now, they entrust us with their complete brand management. We consistently collaborate on projects and campaigns, striving to enhance these assets annually. Our mutual commitment ensures their brand voice and imagery resonates authentically. The essence originates from Creative ITC, with our expertise amplifying and beautifying their vision. This reciprocal relationship has enabled the brand to evolve seamlessly.

An award winning £30M referral-based business with offices in all 5 continents. It offers IaaS, SaaS, and Cloud solutions to leading players in AEC, Financial, Utilities and Public sector.

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We’re inspired by Creative ITC’s dedication, collaborative spirit, and design appreciation. Their accolades range from bagging industry awards to experiencing revenue spikes and global outreach. Our commitment remains unwavering: to provide them with exceptional materials — both for marketing and internal purposes — that mirror their brand’s ethos. Simultaneously, we’re poised to support the diverse needs a thriving business like theirs encounters.

“We really have seen a great investment and return on their time working with us.”
John Dawson, Sales Director – Creative ITC

They’re very responsive, very innovative, always over-delivering, very passionate about their work.”
Sarah Glastonbury, Group Marketing Manager – Creative ITC

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