About this project

Client: Life Design Yoga

Building a Comprehensive Digital Platform for Life Design Yoga

Our partnership with Life Design Yoga involved a multi-faceted project focused on creating a comprehensive digital platform and supporting marketing materials for their business.

The first step of our journey involved designing and building their website, lifedesignyoga.com. We carefully planned and executed a user-friendly and aesthetically appealing website that accurately represented Life Design Yoga’s brand and its services. In addition to the design and development, we also hosted the website, ensuring its optimal performance and accessibility.

Further, we set up the crucial backend integration for the website. This included setting up user accounts, allowing visitors to create their personalised profiles and manage their interactions. Moreover, we integrated a booking and payment system, streamlining the process for clients to schedule classes and make secure payments online.

In addition to the website work, we also facilitated the backend integration with their mobile app. This allowed for a unified user experience, with clients able to book and pay for classes through either the website or the mobile app.

Alongside the digital platform, we created marketing materials for Life Design Yoga. These materials were designed to align with their brand aesthetics and were tailored to effectively promote their services to their target audience.

In conclusion, our comprehensive solutions for Life Design Yoga have not only enhanced their digital presence but also simplified their booking and payment processes, ultimately providing a more seamless experience for their clients. Furthermore, the creation of targeted marketing materials has helped to amplify their reach and engagement within their potential customer base.