About this project

Client: harmantechnology.com

HARMAN Technology’s Enhanced Brand Communication Strategy

In our project with HARMAN Technology, a distinguished leader in their industry, we undertook an innovative approach to enhance their brand image and communication. We focused our efforts in two primary areas – business stationery and product leaflets – each designed to reflect HARMAN’s brand essence and project a compelling corporate identity.

For the business stationery, our task was to create a coherent and polished set that would stand out, while representing the brand’s professional approach. We integrated HARMAN’s branding elements into the design, ensuring that every piece of stationery became a testament to their identity and reputation.

Moving on to the product leaflets, our objective was to spotlight HARMAN’s offerings in a manner that was both informative and engaging. We took advantage of their rich photography assets, which highlighted the quality and features of their products in striking detail. Combining these with our creative layouts, we succeeded in creating leaflets that not only delivered the necessary product information but also showcased HARMAN’s brand in a visually appealing manner.

In conclusion, our comprehensive design solutions for HARMAN Technology successfully leveraged the power of their photography and our design expertise, effectively elevating their brand presentation across different mediums.