Outstanding Prezi presentations


For presenters who want to really engage their audience by using the presentation platform called Prezi, it is even more crucial that their presentations are designed wisely. When Prezi is used unwisely, page layouts can be imbalanced and not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The ‘zooming’ effect might not be giving the audience vertigo, but can get quite repetitive… sometimes making the presentation look as tacky as a heavily-bulleted PowerPoint presentation. Audiences are also less forgiving when software like Prezi is not used to its true potential. Which is why, if you’re presenting with Prezi, then you really need to get it right.

All the fundamentals of good design play an important role in making a great Prezi and that’s why it’s not enough to hire a company just because it’s worked out how to proficiently use the software. The layout, graphics and overall concept play a vital role in how your Prezi is received by your audience.

And that’s where we can help.


At Digital Design Agency, we create Prezi presentations that are eye-catching and impressive on the big screen. We do this with the use of cool graphics and great layout design. We consider carefully how one part of the message relates to the next, so that we can create smooth and linked transitions, so that your story unfolds in a manner that is engaging and understandable to your audience.

We’ve been using Prezi since it’s early days and have created Prezi presentations for a variety of clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Even the explainer videos on this website, which were created a few years ago, give a great example of what can achieved when you combine design skills with Prezi.

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