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Winning Bid Documents


Anyone who works on bid documents (RFP responses or tenders), knows just how crucial they are for their company’s sales cycle. Having your document produced in a high-end desktop publishing application (such as InDesign) can become very impractical and inefficient, because as you redefine the content, you’ll need to brief the smallest text changes to your designer just to get your bid document up-to-date. Further inefficiencies develop when various parties are working on the same bid document but are not able to directly access the sections they are responsible for. All this adds significant time to when the bid document can be reviewed as a complete and latest version.

This is an area we can really help you with.


At Digital Design Agency, we’ve had years of experience working on crucial bid documents for our clients. We’ve discovered that creatively designing bid documents in Microsoft Word is the most workable solution for most of our clients, as these can easily be accessed and updated by all parties involved. Our bid documents are created to a very high level using our design know-how and Microsoft expertise. Smart formatting, styles and graphics are applied throughout. Further more, we are often asked to support bid documents with additional collateral such as service guides, booklets and web pages.

We’re delighted that we have helped our clients be more successful by supporting them at the various stages of their bids.

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