About this project

Client: DNV.com

Enhancing DNV’s Communication Efficiency through Comprehensive Support


DNV, an international accredited registrar and classification society, faced challenges in effectively conveying its insights and discoveries in a structured and impactful manner. Their presentation and reporting process required significant enhancements to meet their growing needs.


Our goal was to improve DNV’s ability to create and deliver presentations and reports, as well as streamline their access to pertinent information. This involved a multi-faceted approach that included creating a resource library, conducting staff training, and developing an interactive web application.

Development of Interactive Web Application:

In 2016, we designed and launched an interactive web application: dnvgl-resourcemap.com. The objective of the application was to provide a comprehensive and easily accessible view of oil resources in various regions, empowering DNV to deliver data-driven presentations and reports.

Building a Comprehensive Resource Library:

To facilitate seamless access to vital information, we created a large resource library of presentation slides for DNV staff. This comprehensive repository served as a go-to resource for the creation of informative and persuasive presentations.

Staff Training in Oslo:

Recognizing the need for staff to effectively utilize the new resource library and to develop impactful presentations, we conducted a specialized training program in Oslo. A select group of DNV staff underwent intensive training on presentation development and efficient practices for leveraging the new resource library.


As a result of these implementations, DNV has been supported in hundreds of presentations and reports. The availability of a comprehensive resource library and an interactive web application, coupled with staff training, has significantly enhanced their presentation and reporting capabilities.