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Our presentation service: we want your company to be 'the choice' not just 'a choice'

check out this video before your next pitch. it’s a short introduction to our presentation design service

We made the above video using Prezi – one of our presentation services. Find out more

For those trying to find great presentations support, it can be a complicated hassle. Not only are you busy with deadlines pending, but enquiries to presentation service providers can often lead to the feeling that it’s not going to be the easy practical solution that you were looking for. Sticking to doing most of it yourself or relying on limited internal resources is not the best solution if winning more business is the goal.

At Digital Design Agency, we uncomplicate presentations support. Each week, we’re helping clients win more business with a high-level presentation service that they find efficient, cost-effective and friendly.

We provide support to happy clients for the following types of presentations: Marketing, Financial and Prezi. And when our clients need ‘a little something more’ for their key meeting, we just grab our additional print and web design services from out the bag.

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Digital Design Agency's Skill Set

Take advantage of our connected design services to help win new business

Design & Branding

The story and core values of your brand represented with stylish graphics and images

Web Design

Your brand, materials and messages digitally enriched and accessible via the latest technology

Marketing Presentations

Bringing your messages to life with professionally designed presentations that engage and entertain

Financial Presentations

We have all the experience needed to create financial presentations that hit the mark


Prezi presentations that are impressive on the big screen, made using cool graphics and great layout design

Bid Documents

Practical bid documents created to a very high level using our design know-how and Microsoft expertise