Creative ITC continue to smash their targets whilst always presenting a consistent and engaging brand identity

Creative ITC continue to smash their targets whilst always presenting a consistent and engaging brand identity

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Challenge & Solution

Creative ITC was successfully expanding, yet didn’t want to meet the growing demand with more of the same. Instead, they saw the value of raising the standard of their materials even at the time when their brand was making such a positive impact.

They initially contacted us for presentation support as they had an important upcoming RFP. Along with substance and value of their offering, they knew the importance of making their proposal look smart and engaging.

(Proposals, presentations and product videos)


Not only did they have a great win with their proposal, but finding DDA flexible, skilled, trustworthy and easy to work with, Creative ITC continued to explore how we could help support their brand. Since then, our partnership has grown. They have a great understanding of the continual process of developing and refining their brand materials and the rewards it reaps.

Today, they trust us to look after their entire brand. We continue to engage on projects and campaigns, as we work towards improving these materials each year. This step-by-step process helps bring the best voice and image for their brand. This truly comes from them, as our role is to elicit and prettify their ideas. From there, the Creative ITC brand keeps evolving by joint collaboration.

(Range of different digital and print media ranging from whitepapers, brochures, stationery, posters etc)

We love the work ethic of Creative ITC; how they collaborate and their understanding of the design process. They continue to yield amazing results, from winning industry awards, to increased revenue and global expansions. And we’re determined to continue to give them outstanding materials (marketing and internal) that reflect the integrity and values of their brand, whilst also being there for any pressing requirements that any successful growing business would face.

“We really have seen a great investment and return on their time working with us.”
John Dawson, Sales Director – Creative ITC

They’re very responsive, very innovative, always over-delivering, very passionate about their work.”
Sarah Glastonbury, Group Marketing Manager – Creative ITC